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Town of Smyrna

27 S Market Street Plaza, Smyrna, DE, 19977, US

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Welcome to the Town of Smyrna's Electronic Forms

Application for Accessible Parking Space

We have made it easy for you to complete and eSign the document from any device.
A copy of each of the following documents is REQUIRED to be submitted with this application:
· Copy of Vehicle Registration for car located at the Applicant’s Address
· Copy of Applicant’s Delaware Long Term Plate or Placard
· Copy of Applicant’s Delaware Drivers License
You can either upload from your computer or take a picture using your phone.
To Know Before You Apply
You can apply for an Accessible Parking Space whether you’re a driver or a passenger. You may be eligible for an Accessible Parking Space if:
  • you are a full-time, year-round resident of Smyrna (you can apply whether you rent or own your home)
  • you have a disability that will last at least one year and severely limits your ability to walk,
  • you have a valid Disabled License Plate, Disabled Veteran Plate, or a Disabled Parking Placard from the Division of Motor Vehicles, and
  • you have a car registered at your Smyrna address that you use daily for personal transportation.
You CANNOT get a parking spot if:
  • you have a short-term disability that will last less than a year
  • you don’t have a car registered at your Smyrna address (you can't get a space for “Pick-up and Drop-off” purposes)
  • you have a driveway, garage, or other off-street parking that you use
  • there are “No Parking” or “No Stopping” signs posted on your street.
Accessible Parking Spaces are approved for a period of one (1) year and must be re-approved on a yearly basis by submission to the Public Safety Committee of the Town of Smyrna.

If we have any questions about your application, we will email you, using your email provided within this application. If you require assistance, please contact the Police Department at (302) 653-9217.
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By continuing I agree that I am willing to complete a digital version of the document(s) and that information about my user session will be stored.
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